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Category Index
Al Shifa - Saudi Arabian
All Vitamins & Supplements
Ayurvedic - Homeopathic Remedy
Cancer - Tumour
All kinds of immunity related problems
Boosting immune system
Inflammations of the mommas
Lymphatic diseases
Cold - Flu - Cough - Fever - Headaches - Asthma
All types of cough
Bronchitis & cough
Cold and Flu (Influenza)
Cough due to cold
Cough due to smoking and flu
Defective sense of smell.
Fever and Asthma
Harsh and dry cough with pain in the chest
Headaches caused by nervous tension & sleeplessness
Intolerance headaches to noise and light
Menstrual disorders headaches
Migraine headaches & headaches
Periodic migraine headaches
Runny nose and sneezing
Sore throat discharge from the nose and eyes
Tonsil Infection
Vertigo - Syncope - Dizziness
Whooping cough
Whooping cough and asthma
Winter cough
Chronic diarrhoea
Dark stools
Hard stool
Intestinal colic
Stool in small lumps
Toner and laxative for intestinal excretion.
Watery and nauseous stools
Energy Drink
Eye Care
Chronic conjunctivitis
Eye Drops
Glaucoma And Poor Vision
Inflammation of the iris and cornea
Red Eyelids
Watering eyes
Featured Brands
AL SHIFA - Saudi Arabian
American Garden - U.S.A
Capilano - Australian
Kraft - U.S.A
Lee Kum Kee Panda - U.S.A
Woh Hup - Singapore
Featured Products
Hair Care
Excessive hair loss
Hair & Scalp Treatments
Hair Oil
Hair Regrowth Treatments
Itching, irritation
Makes hair feel thicker
Premature grayness
Regenerate dead hair roots
Shampoos Plus Conditioner
Thinning & splitting Hair
Vitamins & Supplements
Hair Cut
Heart Disease
Cardiac Disorders.
Disorders of the Blood Circulation
General Heart Complaints
Heart Muscle Weakness
Heart Sharp Pain
High Cholesterol
Irregular Heart Beat
Treatment After Heart Attack
Vitamins & Supplements
Weak Rapid Pulse with Perspiration/ Fear Of Death
Issha Koppikar
Jams, Jellies & Bread Spread
Liver & Gallbladder Disease
Chronic active Hepatitis
Cramplike pains in abdomen
Drug Induced Hepatotoxicity
Enlargement of the liver
Improve the lymphatic system
Increase kidney & gallbladder secretion
Lack of appetite
Pain increases usually 2-3 hours after meals
Painful swelling of the liver
Vitamins & Supplements
Natural & Organic
Natural & Organic
Organic Honey
  > Al - Shifa -Saudi Arabian
  > Capilano - Australian
  > langnese - Germany
Olive oils, Vinegars & Salad Dressings
  > Borges
  > Leonardo
  > Rafael Salgado - Spain
Sexual Weakness
Failing Erection
Impotency due to Diabetes, Hypertension
Increase sexual performance
Lack of sex drive - lack of libido
Male Impotence
Painful Erection
Premature ejaculation
Strong and lasting erections
Vitamins & Supplements
Skin Care
Acne (Pimples)
Ayurvedic Skin Care
chronic eczema, pimples, herpes, rashes&measles
Excessive Perspiration
Face Cleansers
Face Scrubs
Face Washes
Facial Treatments & Masks
Featured Brands
Highly disagreeable sweat
Oil Control
Skin Glow
Alternate Remedies
Ayurveda Remedies
  > Charak Pharma
Homeopathy Remedies
  > ADEL GERMANY Homoeopathic
  > Biocombination Tablets
  > SBL World Class Homoeopathy
  > World famous Specialities - Dr.Reckeweg
  > World famous Specialities R1 to R89 - Dr.Reckeweg
  > Liquid Dilution - Dr.Reckeweg - German
    • Dilutions - Potency 1M - 11ml
    • Dilutions - Potency 200 - 11 ml
    • Dilutions - Potency 30 - 11ml
    • Dilutions - Potency 50M - 11ml
    • Dilutions - Potency CM - 11ml
  > Mother Tincture
  > Liquid Dilution
    • Dilutions - Potency 1M - 11ml
    • Dilutions - Potency 200 - 11 ml
    • Dilutions - Potency 30 - 11ml
    • Dilutions - Potency 50 M - 11ml
    • Dilutions - Potency CM - 11ml
Computer Components
  > Dell
  > Lenovo
Laptop Accessories
Networking Equipment
  > USB Wi-Fi Adapters/Dongles
Refurbished Laptops
Storage Devices
Mobiles & Accessories
  > Mobile Brands
    • Blackberry
    • Samsung
Internet Stick - Net Setter
  > Nokia
  > WELHO (Europe)
Glandular - Men
Glandular - Women
Women's Health
Gynae Sacroiliac complaints
Menstrual Disorders-Menopasual Disturbances
Child Care
Baby Soap
Diaper Care
Grow Height
Hair Care
Skin Care
talcum powder
Teething Problems
Herbs, Spices & Seasonings
Dessert Syrups & Sauces
Premium Saffron
Grocery & Gourmet Food
Beverage N Drinks
  > Beverage
  > Energy Drink
  > Water Based Drink
    • Danone Narang Beverages
  > Tea N Italian Coffee
Fresh Fruit N Exotic Vegetables
  > Fresh Fruit
  > Exotic Vegetables
    • Exotic Vegetables
Bakery Products
  > Cakes Pastries N Snacks
  > Dairy free Cream
  > Raw Sea Food
Meat - Fish - Poultry
  > Raw Chicken
  > Raw Sea Food
Women's Apparel & Accessories
Salwar Kameez
  > All Salwar Kameez Collections
  > Anarkali Salwar Kameez
  > Best Selling Salwar Suit
  > Brand
    • Aditya
    • Dionne
    • Issha
    • Karma
  > Casual Salwar Kameez
  > Designer Salwar Kameez
    • Salwar Kameez
  > Latest Designer Salwar Kameez
  > Pakistani Salwar Kameez
  > Party Wear Salwar Kameez
  > Wedding Salwar Kameez
sarees collection
  > Bollywood Saree
Herbal soap
  > Deodorant Men
  > Deodorant Women

Jams, Jellies,Bread Spread